Special Training Classes Available

Is your 4-legged family member becoming a nuisance?

  • Does your dog chew things? I
  • ignore you when you call?
  • Chase things?
  • Bark all the time?
  • Bother people when you tell it not to?
  • And basically make your life miserable or frustrating?

Well, we can help. Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog came when you called and obeyed your commands?

A disobedient dog is not only bothersome, but a safety hazard for itself and for others. So, act now! And your dog can become more enjoyable to be with. In dog training talk, we say that a disobedient dog means an untrained owner!

We have taken many rowdy, disorderly, and even aggressive dogs and taught them and their owners how to live together safely and in harmony.  For more information, read below.

Join Anne’s Country Club For Pets for an enjoyable learning experience with your dog. Our campus is wooded and lovely. And, when the weather is bad, we have an indoor training facility that will suit you and your pet just fine!

We will teach you how to train your dog using positive motivation and praise, not punishment.

Your dog will become a gentle companion and a well-mannered family pet.

Please call or visit for more information about group classes, private lessons, or boarding school.  We usually have at least one  class in progress at all times. And, we have different levels of training classes available also.  (405) 478-2303